NYC Home Inspections

NYC Home Inspections

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Progauge Home Inspections is home inspection company rated number #1 for all home inspection and building inspection needs.


Thousands of homes, agencies, commercial realtors, banks, and institutions are under our care here at Progauge Home Inspections. We proudly serve all of NYC and its surrounding areas, including White Plains, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, and New Jersey.


If you’re buying a home, selling a home, or constructing a new home, Progauge Home Inspections is the forerunner in home inspection services for the NYC community. We offer buyer home inspections, seller home inspections, new construction home inspections, pre-listing inspection, and pre-purchase inspection. But we don’t stop at standard homes, as we also provide services for commercial property inspection, multi-unit inspection, townhouse inspection, and condo inspection.


We do a thorough and exhaustive inspection of the building. Plumping, electrical, roofing, heating & cooling, structure, foundation, exterior walls, attached garage or carport, and more, with mold testing, radon testing, and termite testing so that all your bases are covered.


Progauge Home Inspections is staffed by experienced professionals, equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and training required to provide exemplary service well above standards. Our home inspectors are licensed and certified, only coming from the best backgrounds and recommendations. Combined with efficient management, Progauge Home Inspections is a fully modern organization whose shared goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.

Reports / Recommendations

Our clients’ satisfaction and goal completion is our top priority. Our home inspectors and technicians are always available to field any questions, concerns, or comments. Progauge Home Inspections provides comprehensive reports of our inspection findings, consultation, and recommendations to make sure your home is fit and ready for purchasing. We are affiliated with the best in the industry, which allows us to give great referrals on anything from plumbers to electricians in order to remediate any issues found during the home inspection.


6 Home Inspection Articles

6 Home Inspection Articles

A lot goes on when it comes to home inspection. Here is a list of 6 home inspection articles that provide you with insight and knowledge to make the best choice for your home buying, home selling, or new home construction needs.

Home Inspection

The Importance of Home Inspection
“A lot of people have too much faith in their property, thinking that it is forever sturdy and solid. A lot of people also believe that when they buy a new house, there is nothing to worry about – they truly believe that the construction is fine and they will be okay…”

Length of Home Inspection
“The length of a home inspection depends on a number of variables, including size of home, age of home and the inspection services you’d like…”

The Aspects of a Quality Home Inspection
“There are many home inspection service provider that would be able to give you an astonishingly cheap price quotes nowadays, but if you wish to enlist the help of a truly professional service that can give you what you need, then you would want to look for a company that can give you a full and detailed report…”

It’s Time to Hire Home Inspectors
“Choosing a house is quite tricky. I hope you also consider finding all the defects on your potential home. It is better to know the ugly truth before it’s too late. To know the hidden problems beneath the freshly coated paint, you cannot do it by yourself…”

The Ins and Outs of Home Inspections
“A home inspection is a vital part of the homebuying process. Some potential buyers tend to view home inspections as something that is not necessary or too expensive. But home inspections can save buyers time and money in the long run…”

Pre-Listing Inspection
“Having a pre-listing home inspection by a qualified home inspector before you list your home for sale can have great benefits. Eventually your buyers are going to conduct a home inspection…”

Home Inspection