Avoid These Home Inspection Mistakes

Avoid These Home Inspection Mistakes

Home Inspection

For the best home inspection experience, remember that as a client you can do many things which will help your home inspector complete their inspection with the thoroughness and attention you expect and deserve. Keep these tips in mind when you schedule your next home inspection.

Make Sure The Home Inspector Has Access

Things rearrange, boxes are stacked in rooms; even the most efficient of moves can still be chaotic. Make sure the areas in your home allow the home inspector access. Specifically, make room for access to the electrical panels, the water heater, the heater, and the attic space. This cuts down on the likelihood your home inspector will need to make a second trip and the process can go much more smoothly and quickly.

Take Care Of Your Pets

Pets on the loose are a distraction and can interrupt the home inspection process. Putting them away ensures the safety and welfare of both your pet and the home inspector. Be mindful of crated dogs that bark incessantly, as they can still be distracting to the home inspector when it is important they concentrate on your home.

Be There For The Inspection

While you should give your home inspector room to do their job, be on site. This way if any questions or concerns arise, you and your home inspector can discuss them face-to-face. You’ll even get to see the issues they have discovered and discuss recommendations. Coming along on the tour also presents you with the opportunity to get to know your new home through investigative eyes.

Don’t Avoid Asking Questions

A good home inspector is interested in helping you understand your new home, its systems, and how to maintain them. Don’t be afraid to talk to your home inspector and ask them questions about their process or the home itself.

Home Inspection

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