Home Inspection – Common Issues Found

Home Inspection – Common Issues Found

The ideal home inspection covers the entirety of the property, but there are common areas of the home when it comes to discovery of problems. This is not a comprehensive list, as each home is unique and may present its own unique problems. Here are some common areas that need attention:

Electrical Wiring

Faulty wiring means you are not only wasting energy and possibly seeing a higher electricity bill, but it’s the third most common cause of fire in the home.

Older homes may not be equipped to handle your modern electrical needs, resulting in many extension cords running throughout the home, which can put a huge overload on your electrical system. Exposed and improperly insulated wiring are susceptible to physical damage and present another potential fire hazard.

Reversed polarity of an outlet, which is when the “Hot” and “Neutral” wires are placed on the improper terminal, is another common error. Double taps, where there are two electrical circuits attached to a single breaker, are equally cause for concern.

Heating Systems

Like any system, those involved in heating the home need to be maintained and regularly checked. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not go through this maintenance process, leading to a common scenario where it the heating system becomes dirty. Dirt and grime can block the ventilation systems and result in over- or under-heating of the home, as well as higher than normal electrical bills. Improper installation can also lead to problems.


Poor plumbing in the home can result in a lifetime of exacerbating problems. Homes with septic tanks ill-equipped to handle the sewage can easily overflow and cause flooding. Plumbing issues are usually leaks from improper installation and insulation or because the system is outdated and worn down. Leaks can result in mold infestation and loss of structural integrity. In older homes, a galvanized water main results in poor water pressure due to corrosion.

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