Energy Audits Systems / Affiliations

Progauge Home Inspections not only performs quality home inspections and affordable building inspections in NYC and NJ, but we provide factual information on your home or building to help improve its standing. We locate areas of potential energy loss and provide consulting and recommends, saving you time and money.

Energy Audits

energy-auditsEnergy audits will help you to locate areas of air loss in your home. We make use of thermal imaging, blower door tests, humidity testing, and several other techniques to test your home for areas of energy loss. We will examine windows, doors, insulation, your water heater, and your HVAC units.

Once we look everything over, we can help you to repair the problem to have a much more energy efficient home which will help you to save energy and money on your utility bills.



Having the proper insulation can be the difference between being cold in the winter or hot in the summer, or being comfortable all year long with manageable energy bills.


Replacement Windows


You get the full advantage of total energy efficiency in your replacement windows by upgrading old materials with new modern ones and ensuring that the fit is tight. A properly fit window gets rid of any air leakage around or by way of the frame.

Get the best energy cost savings with top of the line windows combined with our expert inspection services.

Replacement Doors


We give your family our trusted advice and expertise in making the right choice for not only your home styling but your home energy efficiency. With our certified professionals we will make sure you’re taken care of.



Heating & Cooling-HVAC

heating-cooling-hvacYour AC and furnace are actually some of the biggest users of energy in your home, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure your systems are running as efficiently as possible. If your home has old, dirty, failing HVAC systems, it’s time to think about getting a replacement air conditioner or heater from us.

Proper maintenance of your heating and cooling systems keeps them running efficiently all year long.