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Progauge Home Inspections is a Home Inspection Company providing Affordable Home Inspections and Quality Home Inspections throughout areas New York City, greater New York, New Jersey, Long Island, and boroughs Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island. Getting a Home Inspected Before Buying is an absolutely critical component of purchasing a home. You must know what you are buying, especially considering a home is a large and possible lifetime investment. Lending agencies such as banks will require a Certified Home Inspection prior to lending you money, starting a mortgage, or closing the deal. Just like you, they want to be absolutely sure of the money’s worth when it comes to the home. Problems found during a Home Inspection are not necessarily always deal breakers or an investment death sentence — they merely allow for the most accurate monetary value of what is being offered. While these are not Home Appraisals, as Home Inspectors do not judge the value of the home (instead they report the conditions of said home), this allows buyers and lenders to be fully aware of every contingency. Home Inspections are a critical part in ethical business.

Home Inspections have an added bonus in that they allow Home Inspectors to walk the homeowner’s through their new home, getting them familiar with its components and functioning. While you do not necessarily need to come along on the Home Inspector’s Home Inspection, it is highly encouraged that you join your Home Inspector on his tour as a a Quality Home Inspector will not deny you this privilege — if they do, consider this a red flag. A Home Inspector’s purpose is to be thorough and report his findings in a clear, objective manner.

Whether you’re buying or selling, a Home Inspection in the NYC area done by Progauge Home Inspections is the best choice out there! We also provide Accurate Home Inspections for newly built homes or those undergoing construction. Old and new, all homes need a Home Inspection done right.

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