Questions To Ask Your Inspector

Progauge Home Inspection is dedicated to providing a full service to our NYC and NJ clients for their Home Inspection, Building Inspection, Condo Inspection, Townhouse Inspection, Multi-Unit Inspection, and New Construction Inspection needs. Because our service goals, we aim to educate and prepare you.

1. How can I know if the NYS licensed inspector is Experienced?

You cannot. Since NYS began issuing home inspection licenses the number of licensed inspectors has gone up by the thousands. Home inspection schools have been doing a brisk business-preparing people ranging from underemployed contractors to laid off factory workers to pass the NYS licensing requirements. These inexperienced inspectors will charge more, have little or no experience, and are often out of business in a year or less. Pro Gauge Home Inspections has 5 years of hands on experience inspecting homes, condo’s/co-op and commercial buildings and is a second generation inspector. Inspections are what we do, best, all the time!

2. After narrowing choices, how do I judge the inspectors experience?

Pro Gauge Home Inspectionhas conducted in excess of 10,000 properties.  One way is to ask how many inspections he or she has performed to date. The more inspections performed, the more issues the inspector has been exposed to, the more experience they gain, the better they get. In addition, the inspector will also become more familiar with issues specific to various areas and or neighborhoods.

3. Does the Inspector perform inspections full time or part time only?

Often homes in the same neighborhoods or by the same builder have similar features and issues specific to that area. One must do a fair amount of inspections in to become familiar with some of these recurring issues as well as having the knowledge when something is not an issue. Inspectors working on a part time basis will not have the experience needed nor invested in the latest tools and technology or achieved the education needed in the ever changing world of inspections.

4. Do you use an Infrared camera during the inspection? Are you certified? Is it free?

Thermography is the process by which an infrared camera views thermal temperature patterns and produces these images in colors. The use of infrared technology in the inspection industry is relatively new and is a form of non-invasive testing. Infrared cameras can detect leaks or suspected moisture, hot spots in electrical circuits, energy efficiency issues, and more.Pro Gauge Home Inspections uses a state-of-the-art infrared camera in every  inspection, at no charge to our clients. We will scan under all bathrooms, all electrical panels, exterior walls, beneath roofs and any other area we feel is suspect, absolutely free.

5. Is the Inspector NYS certified to inspect Termites? Is the termite inspection free?

Pro Gauge Home Inspections has been a NYS licensed termite inspector for close to 5 years and termite inspections reports are provided free of charge with all full home inspections.

7. Are you Insured with E&O or Liability Insurance only?

Only liability insurance is mandated by New York State but not the more costly Errors and Omission. That means you will only be covered if the inspector steps through your ceiling or his ladder falls on your car.The inspection industry is a difficult and very litigious business to be in. The majority of inspectors is doing this part-time in this vulnerable market and, as a result, may not elect to carry the necessary and, very costly insurance.We inspect so many houses, and within these houses, are literally thousands of components. As human beings, we are all susceptible to imperfection. This is why we do carry Errors and Omissions insurance, and our record is impeccable!

8. Do you belong to any professional associations?

Pro Gauge Home Inspections belongs to and is an active member of the following associations:

New York State Association of Home Inspectors (NYSAHI)

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

9. What type of report does the inspector generate? When do I receive it?

The inspection report is used as an informative guide for the buyer and, in some cases, a negotiation tool. An inspector must be able to articulate the findings in a manner which is logical and legible to the buyers, sellers and perhaps, a contractor or handyman that is selected to correct the negotiated or necessary repairs. A checklist report which lists the finding as good, fair or poor simply won’t do when purchasing such a huge investment.

Pro Gauge Home Inspections creates a fully narrative report that begins onsite for accuracy and prints with full sentences that clearly articulates findings. We will always include digital photography and thermography, when necessary.

10. What type of follow up does the Inspector provide once you receive the report?

Simple: once a client, always a client. Inspectors are available via email or phone to go over the report or explain any unanswered questions.  It’s not uncommon for clients to call with questions or looking for advice years after the inspection.

11. Is there any kind of Guarantee?

After we inspect your home, if you’re not 100% satisfied with the inspection, simply pay nothing.